C212 – 2 Axis Programmable Cutter

The Watts programmable 2 axis cutter is capable of cutting from 1.25” up to 12” diameter pipe. Pipe is gripped with a 3 jaw chuck with internal or external jaws. 12” pipe is gripped internally using the external jaws. Programming is accomplished via a handheld pendant and multiple cuts can be linked together.

  • The pipe rotation (Y) and horizontal torch movement (X) are computer controlled to work in sequences to produce the programmable shape.
  • Programming is very simple. The operator chooses the cut profile, follows the prompts with regards to mate diameter, mate angle, hole diameter, miter angle, etc.
  • The torch is moved to the cut position and the start is initiated. Multiple cuts can be linked together so the torch moves from cut to cut. The torch bevel is manually rotated.

Cuts Included

  • Straight cuts
  • Saddles at any angle
  • Holes at any angle
  • Hillside holes and saddles
  • Miters
  • Ovals
  • Slots
  • Squares
  • Dummy legs