Welding and Grinding Tools

W-50 Tensile Weld Tester

The W-50 Weld Tester is a destructive weld testing machine that incorporates compression, tensile, and bend testing in one complete unit. The W-50 is an invaluable asset to any training facility or commercial company that requires weld qualification.

The W-50 can do all the key destructive tests as specified by AWS, ASME, and API. The W-50 requires very little space since the unit sits horizontally. This machine is designed so the entire test procedure can be handled by one operator quickly and easily.

Test Capabilities

Up to 1.5" Std. Pipe. Compress (flatten) pipe coupon ends to be held by the binding jaws. Tensile (pull) up to 50,000 lbs. between the two jaw sets. Maximum coupon length 12 inches.

Either pipe or flat bar can be forced to break by "nicking" the weldment at the intended break line. This is a visual evaluation test.

All bend tests are possible (Root, Face, Side Bends). Two bend test diameters are supplied. The 1.5" Diameter plunger tests coupons up to .375" x 2" x approx. 8" with a material yield strength of 50K PSI or less. The 3.5" Diameter Collet over the plunger tests coupons up to .50" x 2" x approx. 8" with a material yield strength of 80K PSI or less.

• Dimensions: 5' X 10" X 20" H
• Shipping Weight: 410 lbs.
• Volts/Amps: 115/12.8
• Horsepower: one
• Max. pull: 50,000 psi
• Max. coupon length: 12 inches

Plasma Torch Holder

The 32 pitch plasma holder adapts easily to the torch mount on the W-60-20 and W-60-20 SM. You can easily rotate this manually to the desired angle you would like to cut with your barrel torch.

W-70 - Welding Positioner

Rotate your work at a controlled speed. The foot-pedal speed controller keeps both hands free for welding, or use the panel control. Chuck anything up to 12 inches in the internal jaws.

• Diameter: 1 1/4 - 12 inches
• Volts: 110V
• Amps: 4
• Shipping Weight: 160 lbs

W-250 Tilt Head Welding Positioner

Tilt-Head Welding Positioner capable of holding and positioning cylindrical parts up to 350 lbs vertically or 250 lbs horizontally (calculated at 2 in. from the face plate). This heavy duty rotary positioner is precise, smooth and easily controlled. Rotation speed is adjusted with the control panel and an on/off switch is activated by the foot pedal. The heavy chucking jaws are highly durable and can handle parts quickly for maximum production. You can configure the machine with the chuck or with the flat plate using your own clamps and dogs. Runs on 110V and is highly portable.

• Vertical Range: 12 inches
• Horizontal Range:16 inches
• Housing dim.:10 X 13 X 7H
• Volts: 115V
• Amps: 4
• Shipping Weight: 250 lbs